The 7 Commandments of being a Boss Mama!


“ She was a savage, a brute, unafraid for what she wanted, brave enough to go to war for what she deserved” -R.H. Sin

I mean basically!  Being a Boss Mama is not for the weak or faint at heart, do you hear me! It is extremely hard, draining, and by far the hardest job I’ve ever done!  But it is also the most amazing experience of my life!

To take that a step further you decided to actually have a dream beyond motherhood! You became a Boss mama, kudos to you girl!  I don’t know why people have a concept that once you become a mom then that’s all you are!  The devil is a lie! You are so much more than that!  You ladies are filled with brilliant ideas, techniques, and skills that are so vitally needed in this world!

 I truly do believe that women can run the world!  There literally is nothing a woman can’t do, especially if she’s determined and focus! 

As I was thinking about what to do in regards to this blog, the name, who I was speaking to, I found myself surrounded by nothing but Boss Mama’s!  Most of which are honestly worn out and tired, overworked, and exhausted!  I created this blog for every day Mama’s such as yourself, to help entrepreneurs and young professionals to live a more balanced life through helpful lifestyle tips, money management, and unfiltered advice!

So ladies here are the 7 commandments that you must live by to lead a more balanced Boss Mama Life!  ( I only picked 7 because I needed it to be short sweet!  With mama brain no one has time for that!)

1. Do delegate, stop trying to do everything yourself

Get some help, have the hubby and kids chip in!  Team work, makes the dream work!   I literally can’t wait to share a secret about this!  Coming soon next week!

2. Do plan ahead

Ladies, now if you’re like me, as you’re trying to get out o the house you’re leaving things behind, rushing, yelling at the kids to “HURRY UP” even though you’re the one running behind, not the kids!  Stop it!  Take some time the night before, week before and plan ahead!  I mean you can be spontaneous but the important thing is you gotta plan!  Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!  Lol I’m over living like that, it’s super stressful and unnecessary!

3. Do set boundaries between work and family time

One thing my Mary Kay business has taught me is to compartmentalize my time!  Ladies it also helps with the guilty feeling!  I’m going to touch on this more in depth later but for now let me just say I know the guilty feeling due to being away from your family.  When you set boundaries between work and home they don’t spill into each other.  Both also get undivided attention!  I know life happens and sometimes you just have to work but if you can help it set boundaries!

4. Do take time for self-care

I seriously can’t say this enough! The last 3 weeks I transitioned into a new job, and had to get my son enrolled in a new preschool!  (Mind you I’d already been looking for over a year and a half!)  Talk about transitions!  It was draining and I was beyond overwhelmed!

Needless to say I was happy for the holiday weekend last week and also took time off for my bday!  Today actually!  I needed Mommy time, me time!  Just to relax and seriously do nothing!  No work, no business, no child, no cleaning, no cooking, NADA!!!!  Lol so yes moral of the story, take time for you because a happy mama makes the entire house happy!

5. Do be healthy- mentally, physically, and spiritually

Now look I’m all about the pizza, wine, ice cream, Netflix binge watching regimen but ladies that just isn’t going to work all the time!  It’s all about balance!

This isn’t even just about your physical health… what about your mental and spiritual?  I realized a lot of my goals not attained were because I was not feeding my mental. Lol do yall remember Mary Jane!?!?! Post it notes everywhere! Yep I’m right there with her! I keep up scriptures, quotes, any and everywhere that can reinforce positive thoughts!

As Boss Mamas we pour out so much on everything and everyone else, you have to take the time to pour back into you!

6. Do take time to learn money management and budget

Honey!  I read an article in the Washington Post that said 46 percent of Americans didn’t have enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense.  Say what now?!?!!  Ladies, my prayer is to change that for anyone reading this blog!   We have families to take care of and emergencies are going to happen… period point blank.  Having a solid savings plan is a must and budgeting along with money management all play a role to make that happen.   The ultimate goal is to build wealth over time for our families, to leave an inheritance!  We gotta get finances in order to make that all possible!

7. Do not give up or give in

At the end of the day our babies are watching us and giving up or giving in just isn’t an option!  Our families lives are dependent on it!  I said it earlier and I’ll say it again women can change the world.  When you have confident Mama’s you have confident kids, when you have Mama’s who work hard and grit down and bear it to reach their goals, the pay off  is you have kids that duplicate it!  Their future is at stake and that starts with what you do with yours!

Remember you are a savage, a brute, unafraid of what you want, and brave enough to go after what you deserve! bKeep fighting the good fight because at the end of it, it will so be worth it!

Love Ariel 💋


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