What I learned from Wonder Woman!

The moment Wonder Woman came out (it came out on my birthday, how perfect 😊) I knew I needed to go see it!  Every Boss Mama that I know is a Wonder Woman in her own right! I wanted to share a few nuggets to add onto the amazingness that you ladies already possess!


Women are stronger in numbers 

Omg seeing the Amazon women was probably the best part of the movie!  It was a nation of eternally youthful and super powerful women!!!!

HELLO! That’s amazing… all women, sticking together, working together, sharpening their skills together!  It was seriously a beautiful thing!  The older women were teaching the younger women!


She dressed for the occasion

The first thing I noticed was Wonder Woman’s outfit!  She was not out there in heels, she had on her gladiator sandals, her arm cuffs, she was dressed for battle!

Ladies you need to be ready from what you wear even down to the accessories that help you be efficient with Boss Mama Life!

  • Keep flats and an extra pair of sneakers with you at all time!
  • Always have hair tie and bobby pins in your purse
  • Keep a small makeup bag with you with your essentials (foundation, mascara, lipgloss)
  • Best accessories- digit and paper planner! I promise you need both! 😉 AND a large tote bag for your Boss Mama Life!

You have to have an unshakeable belief in the thing you are doing 

There is a mission out there for all of us and whatever that looks like to you don’t let anyone talk you out of it.  If you want to start a new business, stay at home and work, start school, whatever it is go for it!  People will be in your life and give you every reason not to pursue your dreams, please do not listen because there are people waiting on you to go and accomplish the vision you have!

Often times your success isn’t even for you, it’s for those around you or even those you don’t know!  Think about how your success could impact your family!  What would extra money do, extra time do for your family, or working from home?!?!  Figure out your why and don’t deviate from it.


Men rely on you to bring forth greatness

Let’s keep it real ladies, ya’ll know you run it!  You run the home, most of you run your offices, the finances, the children… ya’ll handle it all!  Kudos, because seriously men need us!

This is not a male bashing post but more so to encourage women to go after their hopes and dreams!  We often times settle so much in the comfy place, in a place that doesn’t stretch or grow us.  We remain unhealthy, remain broke, remain in the same job, same sad love life (had to say it 😊)  That is not what you were created to do!

There are so many gifts and talents inside of you, you deserve the chance to experience them!  Not only for you but for your babies.

My son relies on me to bring forth greatness so that he can live a life that I’ve only dreamed about!  When you become great it gives them the confidence to go and do the same in their own lives.

My sweet baby boy has been trying to jump onto these hangers for years!  Finally he tried it again the other day and said “Mommy I need help, I cant do this”.  I said well how do you know unless you try.  I turned around for a moment and this happened!  Sometimes they just need the extra boost of confidence!  How can you give it to them if you don’t first have it in yourself?

Stay compassionate, caring, and authentic to you

“ Be careful in a world of men, they do not deserve you” – the Queen of the Amazons

As women we were created compassionate and caring for a reason.  Don’t lose that piece of you to go be a “Savage” as people say these days!  I always tell women to keep the soft side of you!  You don’t have to be hard all the time! Especially if your in a professional environment.  It’s a beautiful asset that the “Woman” holds, to be soft and yet strong is one of the most powerful things about us!


You didn’t go through everything you went through to be mediocre!

Wonder Woman would be in the heat of a battle and have flash backs of everything she went through and all of a sudden her strength would go to the 100th power!  I mean seriously you ladies have gone through some stuff, some disappointments, some tears, you had to fight to become the woman that you are!  You didn’t go through all that to not become who God intended you to be!

Don’t give up, keep moving, keep pressing! One of my biggest affirmations these days that I say to myself is “Find a way”!  When I want to start complaining or think of reasons of why I can’t do something this statement comes into my mind. Find a way ladies!!!!!


I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie yet but I promise it won’t disappoint!  It will leave you inspired and hopefully impress upon you to take your Wonder Woman powers to the next level!  Don’t stay were you are, there is always so much more that you could be doing!


Sending Light + Love


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