Tips to plan an quick inexpensive Mama Getaway

Hey Boss Mama’s!  It’s been a minute and I’m so sorry!   I’ve had life happening like no bodies business!  I’m sure you ladies already know how I feel because it’s been happening to you too.

So I wanted to chat today about my super inexpensive Mama Getaway!  I got to go to Chicago for a few days and it was a blast, in fact the entire weekend ended up being amazing!  I know as a mom it’s super hard to be able to get a way, down right impossible I’m sure!  Well I wanted to share just a few tips about how I was able to plan this quick getaway!


Stick to a location within 2-3 hours of driving, 4 at the most! If you like me and you hate driving stick to just a few hours mama!  You’ll thank yourself on the way back home!

Grab some friends to join you!  This particular trip was a surprise for my sissy and about 20 of us came together to celebrate her Bday!  It cut cost on events, chipping in for meals, and gas!  HELLO! The goal is to keep this easy on your pockets!

Stick to 1-3 days!  Do a day trip or a quick weekend trip, nothing longer than that because then it begins to get pricy! Don’t get crazy love!  Short and sweet!

Plan a few things and then wing the rest!  We ended up find an amazing new pizza place along with an awesome Breakfast Spot!  Yes we love to eat! Lol can’t you tell!

One of my favorite places to book my activities are through a special gem!  Here’s the link to it! (This is free for you to set up by the way, your welcome! J) If you love traveling, doing fun activities, saving money, and earning rewards then this is for you!  Side note: I booked my hotel on this site!  Not only did I save money but I earned rewards that I’ve been saving up for my next trip in 2018!  I absolutely plan on earning a free trip next year!

Use who you know!  You may be able to sleep on the couch or just take advantage of their knowledge of the area!  This particular weekend I had a work outing once I got back in town!  My coworker lives on a beautiful lake that we had a blast on!  I got to go Kayaking for the first time, had good food, played crazy games and enjoyed good company!   All from the comfort of my hometown!   You never know what your people have access to so you have to make sure you ask!

Get a sitter… and then get a backup sitter!  Honey I’m just so happy I have a huge family!  My first sitter turned out to be an epic fail and thankfully my brother and sister in law came to the rescue!  This is why babysitting yourself for friends and family is important!  You never know when you’ll need an emergency sitter!

-Last but not least be real about what Mama needs!  I knew I didn’t want to do too much so we kept the weekend easy breezy!  I didn’t have a schedule in place I just kind of went with the flow and it was awesome!  If you need a spa visit then plan one, if you know you want to eat a lot of food search out unique restaurants!  Do what’s best for you love!  You deserve it after all!


I’d love to hear about your favorite Mama Getaways!